Reasons to Relocate to Washington DC

Washington DC Skyline

Washington DC is the legislative and cultural center of the United States, aside from being the nation's capital. As you may have already known in History and Geography classes, the city is home to political buildings like the White House, the Pentagon, the US Capitol and of course, the numerous Departments. It is also where the world famous landmarks like the towering obelisk known as the Washington Memorial and the landmarks that give due reverence to former presidents, the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial. Who could also forget the world class Smithsonian museums? Well there are a lot of reasons to relocate in Washington and this entry will inform you of just that.


Traffic. Big cities around the country suffer from congested traffic lanes full of smoke and unbreathable air, making travel a hassle and a waste to your fuel tank. According to recent studies, Washington may be one of the worst places to travel by car, however, around the state, there is a complex series of train stations enabling you to travel around the city pretty easily. While studies say that traffic is bad, trust me, some cities in other cities are far worse.

Tourist Attractions. Downtown Washington is home to various tourist attractions. Why see them once a year when you can relocate and see them everyday? Like what was mentioned above, the city is home to the main legislative buildings, the White House and the US Capitol. It is also home to the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial, the latter being host to six million visitors in 2012. The city is also home to all the Smithsonian Museums, a perfect place to learn about, well, everything. The Museum of Natural History, the Air and Space Museum and the other surrounding are a perfect place to gain knowledge and the things you need to know about the world and the world beyond.


Clean Air. Washington DC has enforced its clean air act just recently, assuring you that the city is up to the task. Belching vehicles are a rarity. The surrounding areas around the city are also home to lush vegetation and clean bodies of water. Also, seeing factories and the like are pretty uncommon, assuring you of less carbon dioxide emissions and the like.


Sports. Washington DC is home to a lot of top quality professional sports teams, giving you a lot of alternatives and teams to, well, support. The city is home to the Verizon Center, the home court of the NBA's Washington Wizards,  the WNBA's Washington Mystics and the National Hockey League's Washington Capitals. The Washington Nationals, a Major League Baseball professional team, plays in the recently opened Nationals Park in the city. DC United, the Major League Soccer''s team with the most titles, also plays its home games in the city. Also, the Georgetown Hoyas, an NCAA Division 1 basketball team, plays in the Verizon Center.

Overall, the city is of cultural and political significance to the country and a great place to in. Washington DC should definitely be one of your choices if you are planning to move out.

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