A Guide to Moving to Washington DC

Choosing A New Home

Moving to another state or place may not be as easy as what others think it may be. There are a lot of things to consider when living in a new location. Keep in mind that you need to have a budget to purchase a new house. Not to mention the place and the environment where you will be staying have to be considered too. Surprisingly, Washington DC real estate agents are the best persons to contact and talk to when it comes to moving to the metro. If you need to have everything get sorted out, a good agent can reduce all the stress in looking for the perfect place to stay and live. They can provide information not only on a good house that would meet your needs, information on the type of neighborhood you would want to live with is just a portion of their expertise.

Keep in mind that Washington DC is an urban city. It has trendy neighborhoods such as the Adams Morgan and Georgetown communities. Before you decide on living in this area, take time to learn the pros and cons of each neighborhood, the cost of living and the details with regard to buying a house. Agents are able to present all the information needed in order to have a clear view on the future environment that you should be living. There are a variety of houses with distinctive neighborhood communities to choose from. These are options on where to stay and have a comfortable living.


Adams Morgan

Washington DC is divided into four quadrants. This community is located in the northwest. It is a place where young and hip residents live. In here you will be able to meet young students, couples, professionals and even immigrants. It is an easy access to public transportation such as the metro bus, metro, and the DC circulator. Else, anyone can go around the community by foot. This neighborhood comes to life at night with its numerous bars and restaurants. Houses range from $452,000 and up, making it the second strongest showing in the state next to Capitol Hill which is located at the center. There may be a downside in living in this environment. Parking is a problem should you decide to live in this place. Also, some would consider is a less safe environment to live. The communities near the capitol are safer.


Capitol Hill

This community is located in the center of the state. It is considered to be the largest historical residential neighborhood. Not only that, this is a place where you can find the politicos. Most of the national government buildings are located in this community. All the culinary and cultural attractions are gathered in this area. Houses in this neighborhood range cost about $564,000. This is an average rate of a house sold in Capitol Hill.

Each community in Washington DC carries with it its own flair and uniqueness. There are some communities that you need to check to meet your needs. Overall, there are 23 communities to choose from.

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