Washington DC shares Real Estate Opportunities

Despite the recent global financial crisis that shaken the economy, Washington DC remains to be a lucrative prospect for real estate investments. Also, aside from the reasons why the place is a haven, you can have your money worth investing in this place. The region is calculated to be 68.3 miles square unit including 10.16% water. It has a humid and subtropical climate as well as several natural resources that people can enjoy. In line with this, it is a place with plenty of national areas and one of the most admirable tourist spots in the United States of America.  It has also a growing economy focusing mostly on business and service jobs for all the people living there.

The metropolis is comprised of 4 sections named northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. You can find beautiful neighborhoods such as Stanton Park, Georgetown, Dupont Circle, Bloomingdale, Brightwood Park, etc in Northeast Washington. It is also a home of 174 foreign embassies and international organizations such as IMF, OAS, etc. Going to Washington, you won’t surely miss the beautiful White House and attractive museums. It is certainly worthy to be the capital of the United States of America.

Washington DC new homes for sale are categorized according to their location in four sections of the city namely northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. Northeast Washington is the most favored region. Some of the popular neighborhoods are Stanton Park, Michigan Park, Georgetown, Brightwood Park, Dupont Circle, Columbia Heights, Bloomingdale, Cleveland Park, etc. The average cost per square foot of houses has a fluctuating trend and prices tend to increase, though it varies depending on the type of house or apartment you want to have. As of April 2013 to Jun 2013, the median sales price is $498, 000 which indicates an 18.9% appreciation value for the last 5 years. 


Washington Property Sales

According to Trulia, the average price per residential square foot is $425, which is 14.9% of the previous year. See the list of prices here. This makes the state even more profitable whether you choose a condominium unit, an apartment or an independent house.

As a buyer or a seller, Washington DC real estate is a potential market for business. The natural resources, the place, the economy and other considerations can speak for it.

Real estate’s value does not depreciate, it simply appreciates through time. As you know prices can escalate to a certain level brought by fluctuant demand and supply in the market. If you are a buyer and you plan of getting an investment, spending for a house in DC can double your money in a few years time.

On the other hand, before you get a hand with these properties you must have a concrete plan about mortgages, real estate agents or brokers and even budget. You have to consult your family who will be moving with you. Having a home is a decision of a lifetime. You have to choose the property that will benefit you today and even in the future. 


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