Confessions of a Real Estate Agent

 It’s official, real estate is back in 2013. It is such a lucrative and prosperous time for real estate agents. Competing for home buyers or sellers is the work of a realtor. You need to be aggressive and intuitive. You also need determination and perseverance. Never give up on the first NO of a prospective client. But how can a real estate agent be more serious with their job? Here’s a confession from a real estate agent.



  •          They are considered sharks

They need to be very aggressive with selling houses. It must use different adjectives to attract attention and even offer something beyond the deal. That’s a real estate agent should be: confident, aggressive and determined.


  •         They will do every means possible

For example, they will create a listing in the website. You will try to call it. They would probably say that the house has been occupied or sold to someone else. So, they will offer you another house. As a wise buyer, you will need to go to that house first before anything else happens.


  •          Listing’s Lingo

One of the reasons why a home can easily get sold, is because the realtor is fluent and can use different words that will appeal to prospect consumer. They will use adjectives like “cozy” and “awaiting for your touch” which literally means that the house is actually small and you will need to some repairs. Other lingos or codes of realtors you must learn about include:


Needs TLC which means you will need handmade inspection

Partial view of the water means that you can view the place through another building


  • They won’t tell something that the buyer can’t see

A realtor won’t divulge negative aspect of the house. But there are other real estate agents who capitalize on honesty. Sometimes it works, but most of the time, it does not. If you are currently looking for Chevy Chase homes, you must always check what the listings describe about it. Decode the lingos and ask for every question you want to know about it. If the real estate agent doesn’t tell the truth, leave it and find another realtor.


  •          Beware of open houses

Realtors often use the For Sale sign and open house technique to promote themselves. It is used to get prospect buyers to call them and convert them to buy the house. Without your knowledge they may just want to get the full commission without splitting it to their partners.


If you are a buyer looking for a house, don’t be easily captured by the sweet tongue of a real estate agent. Be more vigilant. Ask many questions as possible. Find a realtor who knows what a buyer really needs more than the profit they can get. If you are looking around through listings find the directory that features direct and straightforward house listings.


You can encounter many believable but not so good to be true real estate agents than honest and trustworthy ones. Be more peculiar. Choose the agent who knows what you are looking for.


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