The Things That Your Broker Will Not Tell You


Though, real estate agents are considered ‘Sharks’ in the industry because of their aggressive and assertive character, but they are hailed as the very ‘portal’ towards obtaining a perfect dream home for the real ‘buying market.’ The real story is; not all people they would come across are the real buyers of the properties they represent. Some are just shopping around, checking what is the best property with cost effective market price to fit their budget in. So, the agents or brokers tend to act aggressively and intuitively for an opportunity to sell. In fact, they are just doing their job, nothing more and nothing less.

So, whether you are selling your home or buying a new one and whether you move to a new place for a much bigger house to contain your belongings, you will need an expert broker to find you a perfect and the just right property to purchase. You can tell them the type of home you want, the price range and the location. They will do the job for you. And also, for your knowledge, there are also things that real estate brokers will not tell you. If you are interested to know these things, the following are the quick tips.


“Your open house is really a party for me.”

Real Estate Agent


Hire a real estate agent to sell your property and one of the first things he would likely suggest is hosting an open house, so that the potential buyers could casually check out the property the entire afternoon on a weekend. While open houses are distinguished to the best way to finding a potential buyer, a National Association of Realtors study found out that open houses success rate is only 2%.

It doesn’t matter. Having an open house serves another important purpose and that is for the broker. It gives him an opportunity to gather a database of potential clients. In the open houses, you get all kinds of people or buyers walking in. Some people are trying to check how much they should sell their own properties for and others just want to have a look on what’s out there. So, think about this. Your agent is devoting a couple of hours on a weekend. He doesn’t like that unless it can help him in a huge way. 


“My fees are negotiable.”

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Most brokers like to make it sound as if their fees are really negotiable but that is rare to happen especially in the competitive market. Some broker will say that he lowered his fee by a full percentage because there is so much demand for properties in the market. Other brokers would say, if somebody would commit to sell one place and buy another through them, they will give a discount. And if you are in a desirable neighborhood with a lot of flowing traffic, an open house can be used to get potential customers. So, you need to shop around for the broker fees. Or better yet, all you have to do is ask and they will lower their commission.

You might want a broker who is honest in his dealings and that would give what is due to you. The kind of broker who is sympathetic to your situation especially if you want a budget property is the best broker to hire. And if you are looking for a perfect place in DC, you can find the best DC Real Estate broker here. Just name your price range and he will facilitate you from selling of the property to buying a new one.

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