6 Home Buying Steps

Closing The Deal

Home buying requires a lot. You need to spend money and time. It is an investment, an asset that can be liquidated when the time demands. Therefore, buying a house isn’t just for short term but for long term use. However, getting a house isn’t that easy. Sometimes, it is even troublesome because a lot of houses for sale are available. You need to weigh the cost and benefit that a house can give as well as the extrinsic and extrinsic qualities it embodies. Your real estate agent will just guide you but you must depend on your best judgment, thus you need to follow the following 6 golden rules of buying a house:

  •          How much house can you comfortably afford?

It is not just how much you can afford but how comfortable are you with such price. It will compel you evaluate your finances, accrued and future expenses to ensure that getting the house won’t give you trouble in the next years to come. Investing in a house won’t happen with a click because you will have to suffer lots of payments monthly or annually. You can hire someone who can provide you with financing options such as low interest mortgage loans and other alternative financing services.


  •          You must get a pre-approved loan

In this step, it is better to be sure than sorry. So, let an expert pre approved your loan. It will eliminate hesitations and doubts if you will be really getting your dream house. When you don’t have a pre-approved loan and you don’t pass the requirements for loans you can probably feel deep disappointment. A pre-approved loan will give easier means to get the deal close.


  •          Search for your new home

You can never have it if you don’t look for it. The most accessible mean of searching for your new house is the internet. You can see several listings, flyers, brochures, and presentations of houses for sale. You can also look into craiglist ads to get specific locations and actual pictures of the house.


  •          Submit a Formal offer

Buying a house requires formality to show sincerity and professionalism. Test the market with a formal offer to see what house will fit you. You can start with their offers but don’t settle with less. You can always go up and find a great deal for yourself.


  •          Home Inspection

When you have chosen your house, it’s time for a home inspection. This is very important to ensure that the price of the house is worth it. You’ve got to check on every corner of the house. Check on its doors, doorknobs, walls, ceiling, lights, etc. Don’t give in immediately with its exterior designs and landscapes, sellers tend to beautify those parts of the house. Find out if the house is in good condition.


  •          Close the deal

If things were settled and agreed, sign the contract for formality. One the deal is closed; the bank will approve your loan. You can get the keys in 30 days.



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