How Social Media Affect the Real Estate Industry?

Social Media and Real Estate


Real estate is back especially with the Washington DC property. The industry was shaken by 2008 housing bubble burst but was able to regain itself after breakthrough reactive measures were taken by the government. And now USA market seemed to become more lucrative than it was used to be. More so, the properties or homes for sale are now marketed with modern ways. Social media became a part of it and it is even one of the primary factors how real estate gets back to its original status.


Looking for a DC Real Estate is not a hassle because you can find lots of information online. The truth is 84% of real estate professionals are now using social media. Facebook (79%), Twitter (48%), LinkedIn (29%), Wordpress (15%), YouTube (12%), etc. have made buying and selling become efficient. 55% of them are comfortable of using it while 9% of them don’t use social media at all.


Real Estate on Twitter


Aside from the social networking sites per se, real estate professionals have also been hooked to using apps. Users tend to look at 20,000 per hour with apps. This is an indication that most buyers are actually depending on what the app will tell them about the house. Because of ease, convenience and effectiveness of apps for real estate, some developers create their own apps and showcase each house they are selling.

How Internet Home Search elicits responses from prospect buyers? There seemed to be a big impact because 45% of internet searchers tend to walk through home viewed online, 29% locate the property through a real estate agent and 21% will drive by to see the property. Other real estate agents would provide brochures, post cards, or flyers. Some would even take time to create virtual tours or iPad presentations. These are all marketing efforts that can help them but optimizing social media profiles, pages and blogging sites can increase the probability of capturing a wider target market.

Among the available social networking sites, you can get higher conversion rates through YouTube channel. This is where the video of your house can be posted and shares it through millions of viewers. While 73% of home and real property owners like their properties to have videos, only 12% of real estate professionals have YouTube accounts. Some may have not yet recognized the need for a video but it is imperative to do so.

If you are living in California and eyeing a Washington DC real property, it would be more time consuming if you would travel go back and forth to the place. It would also be a hassle if you would ask people one by one about the place. Social networking sites are there to fill gap and eliminate hindrance of communication with ease and credibility.

As of now the real estate industry has a growing presence on Facebook and YouTube and catching up on other social networking platforms. Managing this social media through instant emails seemed to be more beneficial not just for the sellers but also for the buyers and real estate professionals.


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