Building a Real Estate Website: Content Tips


Real estate not only involves buying selling homes and placing advertising materials on billboards and print ads, especially if you are a Washington DC realtor, it also involves the use of new media to effectively transact business online. In the past, buying and selling real estate is only limited to newspapers, telephones and television sets. You would not be able to take a virtual tour of a home you are planning to purchase in Florida, if you are currently living in San Francisco. As you may already know, the Internet has provided a number of innovations in the past decade, giving rise to online advertising and purchasing. To make your real estate business effective, you must be able to create a website that enables you and your customers to communicate and avail information effectively.



House On Hand

Provide a welcoming home page. As a Washington DC realtor or an agent from a different city or state for that matter, you must consider that home pages are probably the most important of a website, considering the fact that it is the first thing a user sees. A home page with the correct navigational tools will bridge your users to the sub pages with efficiency. Remember, you are in the real estate business, which is the business of selling houses. Inviting a person to your house means the observance of hospitality. This also applies to your website; it must provide a welcoming aura and seem hospitable enough. Post a picture of the living rooms of one of the houses or an image depicting an open door with a view from the front lawn.


All the necessary information. With the home page all sorted out, make sure that your website will contain all the necessary information that a Washington DC realtor or any realtor for that matter, will be able to provide. You must be able to give your visitors (which are also your prospective buyers) information regarding the information about the properties that you are brokering, which includes their addresses, location on the map and the necessary contact persons. Displaying prices are not really recommended since real estate transactions are pretty much negotiable and should undergo a bidding process of some sort, in order to maximize profits. Aside from the properties, you must be able to dish out the information regarding you and your fellow real estate agents, which include contact details, licenses and educational background.


Once you have created an informative background, try to add personal details. Hospitality is almost synonymous to being friendly; remember that if you are an agent, especially if you are a Washington DC realtor. Aside from providing all the necessary information about you and your agents, be sure to provide some “unnecessary” information like your hobbies and the professional sports teams that you support. It may not be relevant to the matter at hand, but it could jump start a friendly relationship with a client. Plus, it will be a perfect ice breaker when you decide to meet up.

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