10 Tips to Stage Your House


When you are selling a Washington DC property, you should know what the prospect buyers will look for it. Don’t make them ask about it; instead show them what you got. The perfect way is to stage your house where they can envision themselves living in that house. Don’t make them imagine how you were living but make them feel at home with that house. So, here are ways to stage your house.


  1. Clear it all out. Keep all your sentimental stuffs. Frames, photos, rugs, vase, clothes in the closet, etc should be taken out to give more emphasis on the space it can provide rather than the ways people were living there.


Decorating Your Home
  1. Style it based on your customer’s preferences. It may not be your style but you should style your house with comfy and homey feeling. This is what most buyers like. Choose light and inviting colors to make the buyer feel associated with the house.

  2. Mirror it up. Mirrors can make your area look bigger, brighter, and will encourage sunlight to freshly illuminate your room.

  3. Choose smart accessories. You can choose a specific part of the house such as the kitchen to brand out. For example you put appliances, towels, spice racks, cooking utensils, cookbooks, etc. It will create a competitive advantage.


Kitchen Design
  1. Choose small furniture. Most buyers always consider the space of the area.It is considered asthe trick of the trade.So, get rid of your king sized bed, replace it with a queen size bed, mirror, and 2 tiny lampshades.

  2. Decorate your outdoor areas. First impressions last. Upon seeing your house, it must be appealing to encourage prospect buyers in going inside.

  3. Choose white painting. Especially in your bathroom, white is the best option. It means clean. It is also neutral to the eyes.
Home Arrangement
  1. Update floor coverings. Stained carpet is bad for the eyesight. An outdated floor will not match for the design of the house. So, replace it with new and attractive wood floors. That’s what most buyers want.

  2. Beware of pet odors. If you have pets, this should be one of your main considerations. Be extra vigilant about vacuuming and cleaning rugs, pet toys, and doggie bones.

  3. Think seasonally. You can accentuate your house with a beautiful shape for the summer. If you have pool or fire pit, make sure that they are in good condition and ready to be used.

One of the strategies of home buyers when looking for a house is to do a home inspection. A good seller must ensure that his or her house will capture the attention of the prospect buyer. There are a lot of properties for sale in DC, but if you have stage your house effectively, it can stand out.

There are other ways you can make your house saleable and captivating to the eyes of the consumer. Remember that your house should be decorated according to your customer’s preferences.

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