How to Afford Your Dream Home

One of the hot commodities in real estate could be found on DC property, with its beautiful architecture and amazing history. Naturally, people are clamoring to get the best deals before they’re taken – but not everyone has the funds to immediately nab their dream house. Other than depending on savings alone, how does one get their wish exactly? The answer covers more than just budgetary concerns. Have a dream home in mind? That’s a good start.

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Size is Everything


Real estates are risky business: one day it’s hot, tomorrow it’s not. The trick is to be keenly aware of one’s needs. Does the house really need five bedrooms and two living rooms? In a family of only three people, perhaps a two or three-bedroom abode with a quaint kitchenette is a more fitting choice. Not only do fewer rooms mean less maintenance, it’s also more economic. Another neat thing to remember is ‘unused spaces’. A basement as a hobby room is good – whereas an empty room without further plans isn’t. Be sure that all rooms in the house will be properly accounted for and utilized.



Play Part-time Detective


When buying a home, be quick to notice the materials used for construction. Oftentimes, cheap sidings and low-quality plywood were utilized and are just hidden by coats of new paint. Always inquire for a bit of the place’s history or background. Ask plenty of questions, especially if it’s a first time purchase. The dream home might sound affordable at first – but the horror will begin once the walls come off, literally. Renovations cost nearly as much as the home purchase itself.



‘Box’ Living


Does the house include too many windows? Are these properly insulated? How about balustrades? Are they absolutely necessary? Key questions about a home’s structure will ultimately determine the end feeling once a person lives in it. While most fancy a three-storey Chateau complete with Jacuzzi and swimming pool, it might not be the best choice. Modern designs nowadays incorporate simplistic lines with graceful curves – so it doesn’t mean that modern is boring. In fact, choosing a contemporary dwelling might be the best solution to a cramped lifestyle. The current trend leans on versatility and function, without having to sacrifice style or elegance. An all-glass office the overlooks a small rose garden can be as picturesque as a mansion on a 6-acre lot – and less expensive. And think of the real property tax savings!



Work within Means


The beautiful thing about wanting a dream home is the preparation. From the time that a family wishes to own one, to the savings involved, to the actual house-hunting: everything is a process of learning and interaction. Real property can be real costly – but only if not planned appropriately. If the budget clearly doesn’t allow for an indoor pool, it would be unadvisable to stretch it beyond that limit. There are other things to worry about after a home-buy after all: furniture, home design, maintenance costs… But a dream doesn’t have to stay a dream. If one can imagine it, they can fulfill it.


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