Moving to DC: Stuff to Know Before You Go

Moving to a new place can be a scary experience; but a good DC Real Estate broker would be your guide in making this transition smoother and more fun. Even before purchasing that dream house, there are plenty of other concerns to deal with: like safety issues, lifestyle choices, and probably transportation setbacks. These make up the location you’d soon call home; so it would be wise to check out a couple of things prior to hopping into that moving van.


Washington DC Neighborhood

The Neighborhood


Real estate in Washington DC is made up of neighborhoods with different kinds of personality. Try driving around in one to see things you might like. Get your local real estate broker to show you points of interest and important establishments (such as the post office, clinics, bus stations, restaurants, schools, and the police station).


Stop for a while and tour the streets on foot. Even better – when you have more time, spend a day or two during a special event (like a local festival) at the location you’re moving into. This is a great way to acquaint yourself with future neighbors and find out about institutions which matter to you and your family.


Local Economy


DC real estate is quite secure – and so is its economy (no surprise here, since it’s the seat of government). However, not all neighborhoods are so lucky. During your drive or stay, pay close attention to the surroundings: if streets are riddled with foreclosure and sale signs - that might spell bad news.


Pick a more stable community: one with a good (if not better) employment rates, plenty of educational facilities (for families with kids), and where business is booming. These are sure markings of ideal economic conditions despite statistics.


Home Flavor


Many buyers actually consider a neighborhood first, before even thinking about purchasing a house in that area. This is because you won’t just be spending your days at home; you will also be integrated in that society. It’s good to consider you and your family’s lifestyles ad preferences when checking out the place.


Be aware of how people spend their free time and where. Pay attention to where businesses are located: how far is it to the closest shopping street, where are the bars and restaurants, and if there are theaters or museums. Nearby parks and playgrounds are perfect for children and seniors; while movie houses and trendy bars might suit the young adults.


Moving In Washington DC

Final Advice


Be sure to read up reviews of people who have lived in the area, too. They generally provide a good insight of what to expect, and which regions are most appropriate for which kind of residents.


DC real estate agents know their neighborhoods very well so ask them plenty of questions regarding your chosen location. Inquire about recent statistical safety data and other useful information. Don’t be afraid and utilize the facts you can get. Moving into a new place can be a fresh start and a whole new adventure – so begin by preparing well and looking ahead!


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